Friday, March 25, 2022

Reader's Guide to African Folktales

Welcome to A Reader's Guide to African Folktales at the Internet Archive. This is a collection of 200 bibliography entries, plus an anthology of 50 folktale texts that are in the public domain. I hope you will find it both fun and useful! There are free digital downloads of the book available here, plus links to Amazon:

Creative Commons. This work is released with a Creative Commons license: CC BY 4.0. Find out more. Attribution: A Reader's Guide to African Folktales at the Internet Archive by Laura Gibbs.
Version: March 25 2022.

You can access the book in a variety of formats:

PDF. You can download a free PDF copy of the book.

EPUB. You can use this free epub file for ebook readers like Nook, etc. You can also read epubs on your Kindle.

HTML. This very vanilla HTML version is the best for copying-and-pasting if you want to remix/reuse the book (CC-BY), and the HTML version is also the smallest in terms of file size.

Web. This is the Pressbooks site for the book. 

Internet Archive. There is a copy of the book at the Internet Archive. You can use the search features there to look for keywords! For example: spider.

Kindle. You can purchase a Kindle edition for $1.99 from Amazon (that's the lowest possible price because of the large file size). And of course you can also just download a free epub here and add that file to your Kindle Library manually instead. 

Paperback. You can order a paperback edition from Amazon; it's $9.99 (that's the lowest possible price because it is a big book, over 400 pages)... but here's the thing: the bibliography is designed to be used online so that you can click on the links to see/learn more. I'm offering the paperback as a convenience, but the digital versions of the book are probably much more useful. :-)

References to Barker and Sinclair's book should be to #20 in the Bibliography, not #19.

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