Sunday, January 22, 2023

Tricksters. Gluscabe

I'll be spending this week focusing on the stories of Glooscap, a trickster hero of the Abenaki people. you can find out more at Wikipedia. I've shared some Glooscap stories from Abenaki storyteller Joseph Bruchac in previous posts, and what I decided to do today was to make a list of the different Glooscap stories that I found in his books at the Internet Archive. Of course, these books contain many wonderful stories beyond the ones about Gluscabe that I have listened here!

Native American Stories from Keepers of the Earth includes the stories "The Coming of Gluscabi," "Gluscabi and the Wind Eagle," "Koluscap and the Water Monster," and "Gluscabi and the Game Animals."

Return of the Sun: Native American Tales From the Northeast Woodlands includes the stories "Glooskap and the Whale" and "Glooskap Visits the King." There is also a version of the story of Glooskap and the king in this book: Our Stories Remember : American Indian History, Culture, and Values Through Storytelling.

Tell Me a Tale: A Book About Storytelling includes the story "The Creation of Gluskabe."

Pushing Up the Sky: Seven Native American Plays for Children contains "Gluskabe and Old Man Winter."

Finally, there is also the lovely book Gluskabe and the Four Wishes.

I'll be back tomorrow with another blog post about this great trickster hero character!

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