Monday, February 14, 2022

African Diaspora at Internet Archive: Dark-Thirty and Tailypo

After writing about the Moaning Bones and the Headless Haunt yesterday, I thought I would share two more books in the supernatural genre! 

The book contains 10 different supernatural tales, and the illustrations are by Brian Pinkney, son of illustrator Jerry Pinkney (see below). And it won both Newbery Honors and also a Coretta Scott King Award! Here is a list of links to the individual stories: The Legend of Pin Oak / We Organized / Justice / The 11:59 / The Sight / The Woman in the Snow / The Conjure Brother / Boo Mama / The Gingi / The Chicken-Coop Monster.

McKissack wrote over 100 books, and you can find many more of her books at the Internet Archive. For more about McKissack's life and career, see Wikipedia.

The other book is Tailypo: A Newfangled Tall Tale by Angela Shelf Medearis.

The illustrations are by Sterling Brown, with some great two-page spreads.

Angela Shelf Medearis is a prolific author of both children's books and also cookbooks. The Internet Archive has many of her books available:

The story of Taily-Po is a folktale that Joel Chandler Harris recorded in the 19th century as a Brer Rabbit story; you can read the Joel Chandler Harris version edited here, or the published version in Uncle Remus Returns

The illustrations in Harris's book are by A. B. Frost:

Here's the illustration by Jerry Pinkney in Julius Lester's version:

I wrote my own version for a class project too. :-)

The full moon is coming soon, and the Internet Archive has all the supernatural stories you need to get in the mood. Enjoy!

by Pat McKissack

by Angela Shelf Medearis

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