Featured Books

You will find African folktale books first, and then the list of African Diaspora books. (I've also published a list of Public Domain Items for the African sources.)

In addition to this list of book titles, there is a listing of individual story titles linked to the Internet Archive: African Tales Spreadsheet - Diaspora Tales Spreadsheet

  1. Aardema. Tales From the Story Hat
  2. Aardema. Why Mosquitoes Buzz
  3. Aardema. The Lonely Lioness and the Ostrich Chicks
  4. Aardema. Oh, Kojo! How Could You!
  5. Aardema. Otwe
  6. Aardema. What's So Funny, Ketu?
  7. Aardema. Rabbit Makes a Monkey of Lion
  8. Aardema. Ji-nongo-nongo Means Riddles
  9. Aardema. Anansi Finds a Fool
  10. Aardema. Half-a-ball-of-kenki
  11. Aardema. The Sky-god Stories
  12. Aardema. Behind the Back of the Mountain
  13. Aardema. Who's in Rabbit's House?
  14. Aardema. Tales for the Third Ear From Equatorial Africa
  15. Aardema. Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain
  16. Aardema. Anansi Does the Impossible!
  17. Aardema. Misoso: Once Upon a Time Tales From Africa
  18. Abodjedi. Ndowe Tales
  19. Abrahams. African Folktales
  20. Achebe. How Leopard Got His Claws
  21. Akpabio. Sayings of the Wise: Ibibio Proverbs and Idioms
  22. al-Shahi. Wisdom From the Nile
  23. Amadu. Amadu's bundle
  24. Appiah. Tales of an Ashanti Father
  25. Appiah. Ananse the Spider
  26. Arkhurst. More Adventures of Spider
  27. Arkhurst. The Adventures of Spider: West African Folktales
  28. Arnott. Tales of Temba: Traditional African Stories
  29. Arnott. African Myths and Legends
  30. Atkinson. Traditional Fables From Zimbabwe
  31. Austen. In Search of Sunjata
  32. Awde. Treasury of African Love: Poems & Proverbs
  33. Badoe. The Pot of Wisdom: Ananse Stories
  34. Banfield. Nupe Proverbs
  35. Barbosa. African Animal Tales
  36. Barker. West African Folktales
  37. Bascom. African Dilemma Tales
  38. Bascom. African Folktales in the New World
  39. Baskerville . The Flame Tree and Other Stories From Uganda
  40. Baskerville . King of the Snakes
  41. Basset. Moorish Literature
  42. Bateman . Zanzibar Tales
  43. Belcher. Epic Traditions of Africa
  44. Bender. Proverbs of West Africa
  45. Bender. African Jungle Tales
  46. Bennett. West African Trickster Tales
  47. Berger. Black Fairy Tales
  48. Bergsma. Tales Tiv Tell
  49. Berry. West African Folk Tales
  50. Berry, J. Don't leave an elephant to go and chase a bird
  51. Biebuyck. Mwindo Epic
  52. Bleek, D. The Mantis and His Friends
  53. Bleek, W. Specimens of Bushman Folklore
  54. Bleek, W. Reynard the Fox in South Africa
  55. Boas and Simango. Vandau Tales
  56. Bolaji. Proverbs the Yorubans Live by
  57. Bourhill . Fairy Tales From South Africa
  58. Brown. Among the Bantu Nomads
  59. Bryan. The Night Has Ears
  60. Bryan. Beautiful Blackbird
  61. Bryan. Lion and the Ostrich Chicks
  62. Bryan. The Ox of the Wonderful Horns
  63. Bryan. The Adventures of Aku
  64. Bryan. African Tales, Uh-huh
  65. Bryan. Dancing Granny
  66. Bryan. The Story of Lightning and Thunder
  67. Bryan. Beat the Story-Drum, Pum-Pum
  68. Budge. Kebra Nagast
  69. Burton, R. Wit and Wisdom From West Africa
  70. Burton, W. The Magic Drum: Tales From Central Africa
  71. Cabral. Len Cabral's Storytelling Book
  72. Cabral. Anansi's Narrow Waist
  73. Callaway . Nursery Tales of the Zulus
  74. Camara. The Epic of Kelefaa Saane
  75. Camphor. Missionary Story Sketches
  76. Cancel. Storytelling in Northern Zambia
  77. Carpenter. African Wonder Tales
  78. Chatelain . Folktales of Angola
  79. Chimenti. Tales and Legends of Morocco
  80. Clarke. Congo Boy
  81. Collins. Ananse the Spider
  82. Coughlan. Folklore From Africa to the United States
  83. Courlander. A Treasury of African Folklore
  84. Courlander. The King's Drum and Other African Stories
  85. Courlander. Ijapa and the Tortoise and Other Nigerian Tales
  86. Courlander. The Cow-tail Switch: West African Stories
  87. Courlander. The Heart of the Ngoni
  88. Courlander. Hat-shaking Dance
  89. Courlander. Olode the Hunter and Other Tales From Nigeria
  90. Courlander. Tales of Yoruba Gods and Heroes
  91. Courlander. The Crest and the Hide
  92. Courlander. The Fire on the Mountain
  93. Creel. Folk Tales of Liberia
  94. Cronise . Cunnie Rabbit, Mr. Spider, and the Other Beef
  95. Dadie. The Black Cloth
  96. Davis, J. The Stolen Water and Other Stories
  97. Davis, R. The Lion's Whiskers: Tales of High Africa
  98. Dayrell. Folk Stories From Southern Nigeria, West Africa.
  99. Dayrell. Why the Sun and the Moon Live in the Sky
  100. Dayrell . Ikom Folk Stories From Southern Nigeria
  101. Dennett. Notes on the Folklore of the Fjort
  102. Dewar. Chinamwanga Stories
  103. Diakite. Hunterman and the Crocodile
  104. Diakite. Mee-an and the Magic Serpent
  105. Diakite. The Hatseller and the Monkets
  106. Diop. Mother Crocodile
  107. Doke. Lamba Folk-lore
  108. Dorliae. Animals Mourn for Da Leopard
  109. Dorson. Folktales Told Around the World
  110. Dresser. The Rainmaker's Dog
  111. Eisner. Sundiata
  112. El-Shamy. Folktales of Egypt
  113. Elliot. The Long Grass Whispers
  114. Elliot. Where the Leopard Passes
  115. Ellis . Negro Culture in West Africa.
  116. Ennis. Umbundu: Folk Tales From Angola
  117. Fairman. Bury My Bones
  118. Finnegan. Oral Literature in Africa
  119. Finnegan. Limba Stories and Storytelling
  120. Fontes. Sunjata: Warrior King of Mali
  121. Ford. The Hero With an African Face
  122. Frobenius. African Genesis: Folk Tales and Myths of Africa
  123. Fuchs. African Decameron
  124. Fuja. Fourteen Hundred Cowries
  125. Gershator. Iroko Man
  126. Gershator. Only One Cowry
  127. Gershator. Zzng! Zzng! Zzng!
  128. Gibbs. Tiny Tales From Africa: the Animals 1
  129. Gibbs. Tiny Tales from Africa: The Animals, volume 2
  130. Gilfond. Reader's Theatre Folklore: African
  131. Gilstrap. The Sultan's Fool and Other North African Tales
  132. Gleeson. Koi and the Kola Nuts
  133. Grainger. Stories Gogo Told Me
  134. Greaves. When Lion Could Fly and Other Tales From Africa
  135. Greaves. When Elephant Was King
  136. Greaves. When Hippo Was Hairy
  137. Green. Folk Tales and Fairy Tales of Africa
  138. Grifalconi. The village of round and square houses
  139. Guirma. Princess of the Full Moon.
  140. Habte-Mariam. The Rich Man and the Singer, Folktales From Ethiopia
  141. Haley. A Story, a Story
  142. Hambly. Talking Animals
  143. Hambly. The Ovimbundu of Angola
  144. Hamilton. Ring of Tricksters
  145. Haring . Ibonia Epic From Madagascar
  146. Haskett. Grains of Pepper: Folk Tales From Liberia
  147. Heady. Jambo, Sungura: Tales From East Africa
  148. Heady. When the Stones Were Soft: East African Fireside Tales
  149. Herskovits. Dahomean Narrative
  150. Hofmeyr. Magic Bojabi Tree
  151. Hollis. The Nandi: Their Language and Folklore
  152. Hollis . The Masai: Their Language and Folklore
  153. Ibekwe. Wit and Wisdom of Africa
  154. Ibekwe. The Little Book of African Wisdom
  155. Innes. Sunjata: Gambian Versions of the Mande Epic
  156. Jablow. Yes and No; the Intimate Folklore of Africa
  157. Jablow. Gassire's Lute: a West African Epic
  158. Jacottet. The Treasury of Basuto Lore
  159. Jephson. Stories Told in an African Forest
  160. Johnson. The Epic of Son-jara
  161. Jordan. Tales From Southern Africa
  162. Junod. The Life of a South African Tribe
  163. Kalibala. Wakaima and the Clay Man and Other African Folktales
  164. Kaschula. Foundations in Southern African Oral Literature
  165. Kaula. African Village Folktales
  166. Khorana. Africa in Literature for Children
  167. Kilson. Royal Antelope and Spider
  168. Kimmel. Rimonah of the Flashing Sword
  169. Kimmel. Anansi and the Magic Stick
  170. Kimmel. Anansi and the Moss-Covered Rock
  171. Kimmel. Anansi and the Talking Melon
  172. Kimmel. Anansi Goes Fishing
  173. Kimmel. Anansi's Party Time
  174. Kitt. Folk Tales of the Tribes of Africa
  175. Kituku. East African Folktales for All Ages
  176. Kituku. School with No Walls
  177. Knappert. African Mythology
  178. Knutson. Why the Crab Has No Head
  179. Koelle. Proverbs, Tales and Fables in Kanuri
  180. Krug. Bulu Legends
  181. Krug. Bulu Tales
  182. Laird. When the World Began
  183. Laird. The Ogress and the Snake: Stories From Somalia
  184. Laird. The Lure of the Honey Bird
  185. Laird. Ethiopian Folktales
  186. Laird. Miracle Child
  187. Lane. Manners and Customs of the Modern Egyptians
  188. Lang. Fairy Books
  189. Larson. Tales From the Okavango
  190. Leslau. African Folk Tales
  191. Leslau. African Proverbs.
  192. Lester. How Many Spots Does a Leopard Have?
  193. Lewis-Williams. Stories That Float From Afar.
  194. Lexau. Crocodile and Hen
  195. Lilly. Wanyana and Matchmaker Frog
  196. Lilly. Kwian and the Lazy Sun: a San Myth
  197. Lilly. Zimani's Drum: a Malawian Tale
  198. Lilly. Warrior Son of a Warrior Son: A Masai Tale
  199. Lilly. Spider and His Son Find Wisdom
  200. Littmann. Tales of the Tigre Tribes
  201. Lynch. African Mythology A to Z
  202. Magel. Folktales From the Gambia
  203. Mama. Why Goats Smell Bad and Other Stories From Benin
  204. Mama. Barefoot Book of Tropical Tales
  205. Mandela. Favorite African Folktales
  206. Marais. Koos, the Hottentot
  207. Martin. Honey Hunters
  208. Martin . Basutoland: Its Legends and Customs
  209. Mbugua. Inkishu: Myths and Legends of the Maasai
  210. McCall Smith. The Girl Who Married a Lion
  211. McDermott. Zomo the Rabbit
  212. McDermott. Anansi the Spider
  213. McDermott. The Magic Tree
  214. McNeil. Hyena and the Moon: Stories to Tell From Kenya
  215. McPherson. Native Fairy Tales of South Africa
  216. Medlicott. The River That Went to the Sky
  217. Medearis. Too Much Talk
  218. Merrick. Hausa Proverbs
  219. Metelerkamp. Outa Karel's Stories: South African Folk-lore Tales
  220. Mhlophe. Stories of Africa
  221. Mhlophe. African Tales
  222. Mollel. Rhinos and Elephants for Lunch
  223. Mollel. Anansi's Feast
  224. Mollel. Flying Tortoise
  225. Mollel. The King and the Tortoise
  226. Mollel. The Orphan Boy
  227. Mollel. The Princess Who Lost Her Hair
  228. Moodie. Nabulela
  229. Muluka. Why Dog Left the Forest
  230. Musere. African Proverbs and Proverbial Names
  231. Musgrove. Ashanti to Zulu: African Traditions
  232. Mutwa. Indaba My Children: African Folktales
  233. Naidoo. The Great Tug of War
  234. Nassau. Where Animals Talk
  235. Niane. Sundiata: an Epic of Old Mali
  236. Norfolk. Anansi and the Pot of Beans
  237. Nyabongo. Winds and Lights: African Fairy Tales
  238. Offodile. The Orphan Girl and Other Stories
  239. Ogumefu. Yoruba Legends
  240. Olaleye. In the Rainfield : Who Is the Greatest?
  241. Onyefulu. The Girl Who Married a Ghost and Other Tales From Nigeria
  242. Opoku. Speak to the Winds: Proverbs From Africa
  243. Orlando. African Folktales
  244. Owomoyela. Yoruba Trickster Tales
  245. Parkinson. Horses and Tortoises and Rabbits
  246. Parrinder. African Mythology
  247. Paye. Why Leopard Has Spots: Dan Stories From Liberia
  248. Paye. Head, Body, Legs
  249. Paye. Mrs. Chicken and the hungry crocodile
  250. Paye. The Talking Vegetables
  251. Peek. African Folklore: an Encyclopedia
  252. Pelton. The Trickster in West Africa
  253. Petersen. Cowries and Kobos
  254. Pinney. Legends of Liberia
  255. Pitcher. Tokoloshi: African Folktales Retold
  256. Postma. Tales From the Basotho
  257. Radin. African Folktales
  258. Rattray. Akan-ashanti Folktales
  259. Rattray. Some Folklore Stories and Songs in Chinyanja
  260. Rattray . Ashanti Proverbs
  261. Rattray . Hausa Folklore
  262. Rickert. Bojabi Tree
  263. Robinson. Singing Tales of Africa
  264. Rockwell. When the Drum Sang
  265. Roscoe. Baganda Folklore
  266. Ruskin. Mongo Proverbs and Fables
  267. Savory. Lion Outwitted by Hare and Other African Tales
  268. Savory. Bantu Folk Tales From Southern Africa
  269. Savory. Zulu Fireside Tales
  270. Savory. The Best of African Folklore
  271. Savory. Congo Fireside Tales
  272. Scheub. The African Storyteller
  273. Scheub. The World and the Word
  274. Scheub. Xhosa Ntsomi
  275. Scheub. A Dictionary of African Mythology
  276. Schipper. African Proverbs and Sayings on Women
  277. Schomp. The Ancient Africans
  278. Schon. Magana Hausa
  279. Schwab. Bulu Folk-tales
  280. Schwartz. The Sabbath Lion
  281. Schwartz. Leaves From the Garden of Eden
  282. Seed. The Bushman's Dream: African Tales of Creation
  283. Seitel. See So That We May See
  284. Serwadda. Songs and Stories From Uganda
  285. Shannon. Knock at the Door
  286. Sherman. Trickster Tales From Around the World
  287. Skinner. Hausa Tales and Traditions Vol. 1
  288. Skivington. How Anansi Obtained the Sky God's Stories
  289. Smith. The Ila-speaking Peoples of Northern Rhodesia
  290. St. Lys . Folklore, Folktales and Proverbs From Southwest Africa
  291. Steere. Swahili Tales
  292. Steptoe. Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters
  293. Stewart. Words to the Wise
  294. Stewart. Folktales From Africa
  295. Stewart. Gift of the Sun: A Tale From South Africa
  296. Stigand . Swahili Tales: Black Tales for White Children
  297. Strong. African Tales
  298. Stuart. Magic Horns
  299. Sturton. Zomo the Rabbit
  300. Swann. The House With No Door
  301. Talbot . In the Shadow of the Bush
  302. Tchana. Sense Pass King
  303. Theal . Kaffir Folk-lore
  304. Torrend. Specimens of Bantu Folklore
  305. Tracey. The Lion on the Path and Other African Stories
  306. Tremearne. Fifty Hausa Folktales
  307. Tremearne . Hausa Superstitions and Customs
  308. Tremearne . Fables and Fairy Tales for Little Folk
  309. Tucker. The Disappointed Lion: Stories From the Bari
  310. Vaughan. Old Hendrik's Tales
  311. Walker. Nigerian Folk Tales
  312. Walker. The Dancing Palm Tree: Nigerian Folktales
  313. Washington. Pride of African Tales
  314. Waters. Cameos From the Kraal
  315. Watson. Song of the Broken String
  316. Weeks. Congo Life and Jungle Stories
  317. Werner. Mythology of All Races: African
  318. Werner. Natives of British Central Africa
  319. Werner . Myths and Legends of the Bantu
  320. Westermann. The Shilluk People, Their Language and Folklore
  321. Wignell. The Mighty Sparrow
  322. Wilson. The Great Minu
  323. Winther. Plays From African Tales
  324. Woodson. African Myths
  1. Abrahams. African American Folktales
  2. Abrahams. After Africa: British West Indies
  3. Abrahams. Positively Black
  4. Abrahams. Singing the Master
  5. Abrahams. Talking Black
  6. Abrahams. The Man-of-Words in the West Indies
  7. Adams. Tales of the Congaree
  8. Adeney. Anansi the Banana Thief
  9. Agard. Brer Rabbit: The Great Tug-of-War
  10. Agard. No Hickory, No Dickory, No Dock
  11. Agard. Say It Again, Granny!
  12. Agard. The Emperor's Dan-Dan
  13. Agard. The Great Snakeskin
  14. Agard. Under the Moon and Over the Sea
  15. Allen. Stories for Children
  16. Ancelet. Cajun and Creole Folktales
  17. Anderson. Jamaica Negro Proverbs and Sayings
  18. Backus. Animal Tales from North Carolina
  19. Backus. Folk Tales from Georgia
  20. Backus. Negro Ghost Stories
  21. Backus. Negro Tales from Georgia
  22. Backus. Tales of the Rabbit from Georgia Negroes
  23. Bagley. Candle-Lighting Time in Bodidalee
  24. Bascom. African Folktales in the New World
  25. Beckwith. Jamaica Anansi Stories
  26. Beckwith. Jamaica Folklore
  27. Belpre. Dance of the Animals
  28. Belpre. The Tiger and the Rabbit
  29. Bender. Old Mister Rabbit
  30. Bennett. More Jamaica Old-Time Sayings
  31. Berry. A Nest Full of Stars
  32. Berry. First Palm Trees
  33. Berry. Spiderman Anancy
  34. Borgenicht. Brer Rabbit
  35. Branner. How and Why Stories
  36. Breinburg. Stories from the Caribbean
  37. Brennan. When Brer Rabbit Meets Coyote
  38. Brewer. American Negro Folklore
  39. Brewer. Dog Ghosts and Word on the Brazos
  40. Broussard. Louisiana Creole Dialect
  41. Bryan. All Night, All Day
  42. Bryan. Climbing Jacob's Ladder
  43. Bryan. Dancing Granny
  44. Bryan. I'm Going to Sing
  45. Bryan. Turtle Knows Your Name
  46. Bryan. Walk Together Children
  47. Burlin. Negro Folksongs
  48. Campbell. Classic Caribbean Tales
  49. Capshaw. Children's Literature of the Harlem Renaissance
  50. Carter. Greedy Mariani
  51. Cassidy. Dictionary of Jamaican English
  52. Charles. Under the Storyteller's Spell
  53. Christensen. Afro-American Folk Lore
  54. Comhaire-Sylvain. Creole Tales from Haiti
  55. Coughlan. Folklore From Africa to the United States
  56. Courlander. A Treasury of Afro-American Folklore
  57. Courlander. Negro Folk Music USA
  58. Courlander. Terrapin's Pot of Sense
  59. Courlander. The Drum and the Hoe
  60. Courlander. The Piece of Fire, and Other Haitian Tales
  61. Crowley. African Folklore in the New World
  62. Culbertson. At the Big House
  63. Dance. Folklore from Contemporary Jamaicans
  64. Dance. From My People: African American Folklore
  65. Dance. Honey, Hush! African American Women's Humor
  66. Dance. Shuckin' and Jivin'
  67. Dasent. Ananzi Stories
  68. De Sauza. Brother Anansi and the Cattle Ranch
  69. Dorson. American Negro Folktales
  70. Dorson. Negro Tales from Arkansas and Michigan
  71. Doucet. Lapin Plays Possum: Trickster Tales
  72. Doucet. Why Lapin's Ears Are Long and Other Tales
  73. DuBois. The Brownies Book
  74. Dundes. Mother Wit from the Laughing Barrel
  75. Edwards. Bahama Songs and Stories
  76. Eells. Fairy Tales from Brazil
  77. Faulkner. Brer Tiger and the Big Wind
  78. Faulkner. The Days When Animals Talked
  79. Fauset. Negro Folk Tales from the South
  80. Ford. Affrilachian Tales
  81. Ford. Beyond the Briar Patch
  82. Fortier. Louisiana Folktales
  83. Foss. The Caribbean
  84. Gates. The Signifying Monkey
  85. Gershator. Kallaloo! A Caribbean Tale
  86. Gershator. Tukama Tootles the Flute
  87. Gibbs. Tiny Tales of Anansi
  88. Gleeson. Anansi
  89. Goss. Jump Up and Say: Black Storytelling
  90. Goss. Talk That Talk: African-American Storytelling
  91. Green. African American Folktales
  92. Green. Greenwood Library of American Folktales
  93. Hall. Haitian Creole
  94. Hallworth. A Web of Stories
  95. Hallworth. Cric Crac: West Indian Stories
  96. Hallworth. Down by the River
  97. Hallworth. Listen to This Story: Tales from the West Indies
  98. Hallworth. Mermaid and Monsters: Stories from the Sea
  99. Hallworth. Sing Me a Story!
  100. Hamilton. Bruh Rabbit and the Tar Baby GIrl
  101. Hamilton. Her Stories: African American Tales
  102. Hamilton. Ring of Tricksters
  103. Hamilton. Speeches, Essays, and Conversations
  104. Hamilton. The Dark Way
  105. Hamilton. The People Could Fly
  106. Hamilton. The People Could Fly: Picture Book
  107. Hamilton. When Birds Could Talk and Bats Could Sing
  108. Harris. Nights With Uncle Remus
  109. Harris. The Complete Tales of Uncle Remus
  110. Harris. Uncle Remus: His Songs and His Sayings
  111. Haskins. Headless Haunt
  112. Haskins. Moaning Bones
  113. Hausman. African-American Alphabet
  114. Hausman. Duppy Talk
  115. Hayes. Dance, Nana, Dance: Cuban Folktales
  116. Herskovits. Rebel Destiny
  117. Herskovits. Suriname Folklore
  118. Hughes-Bontemps. Book of Negro Folklore
  119. Hull. Caribbean Stories
  120. Hurston. Every Tongue Got to Confess
  121. Hurston. Folklore, Memoirs, and Other Writings.
  122. Hurston. Go, Gator, and Muddy the Water
  123. Hurston. Of Mules and Men
  124. Hurston. The Sanctified Church
  125. Hurston. The Skull Talks Back
  126. Jackson. Get Your Ass in the Water and Swim Like Me
  127. Jackson. The Negro and His Folklore
  128. Jaquith. Bo Rabbit Smart For True
  129. Jekyll. Jamaican Song and Story
  130. Johnson. American Negro Spirituals
  131. Johnson. How Mr. Dog Got Tame
  132. Johnson. Keelboat Annie
  133. Johnson. Lucky Jack and the Giant
  134. Jones. Negro Myths From the Georgia Coast
  135. Jones. Step It Down: Games, Plays, Songs & Stories
  136. Jones. The Beginning of Things
  137. Jones. Witches and Duppies
  138. Joseph. Mermaid's Twin Sister: Stories from Trinidad
  139. Keens-Douglas. Anancy and the Haunted House
  140. Keens-Douglas. Freedom Child of the Sea
  141. Keens-Douglas. La Diablesse and the Baby
  142. Keens-Douglas. Mama God, Papa God
  143. Keens-Douglas. Nutmeg Princess
  144. Keens-Douglas. The Trial of the Stone
  145. Lester. Black Folktales
  146. Lester. John Henry
  147. Lester. More Tales of Uncle Remus
  148. Lester. Mr. Rabbit and Mr. Bear
  149. Lester. The Knee-High Man and Other Tales
  150. Lester. The Last Tales of Uncle Remus
  151. Lester. The Tales of Uncle Remus
  152. Lester. Uncle Remus: The Complete Tales
  153. Levine. Black Culture and Black Consciousness
  154. Lindahl. Swapping Stories: Folktales from Louisiana
  155. Lomax. American Ballads and Folk Songs
  156. Lomax. Brown Girl in the Ring
  157. Lomax. The Land Where the Blues Began
  158. Lowther. African American Odyssey of John Kizell
  159. Makhanlall. The Further Adventures of Brer Anansi
  160. Makhanlall. The Invincible Brer Anansi
  161. Makhnalall. Brer Anansi and the Boat Race
  162. Marsh. Negro Folklore in America
  163. McCulloch. Stagger Lee
  164. McKissack. The Dark-Thirty
  165. Medearis. Tailypo
  166. Medearis. The Freedom Riddle
  167. Medearis. The Ghost of Sifty-Sifty Sam
  168. Medearis. The Zebra-Riding Coboy
  169. Metaxas. Brer Rabbit and the Wonderful Tarbaby
  170. Milne-Home. Mamma's Black Nurse Stories
  171. Norfolk. Anansi and the Tug of War
  172. Norfolk. Anansi and Turtle Go to Dinner
  173. Norfolk. Anansi Goes to Lunch
  174. Norfolk. The Moral of the Story
  175. Odum. Negro Workaday Songs
  176. Odum. Religious Folksongs of the Southern Negro
  177. Odum. The Negro and His Songs
  178. Owen. Old Rabbit, the Voodoo, and Other Sorcerers
  179. Parker. Traditional Tales from the Caribbean
  180. Parks. Jump Again!
  181. Parks. Jump On Over
  182. Parks. Jump!
  183. Parsons. Folklore from Aiken, South Carolina
  184. Parsons. Folklore From Elizabeth City, Virginia
  185. Parsons. Folklore from Guilford County
  186. Parsons. Folklore from the Cape Verde Islands
  187. Parsons. Folklore of the Antilles
  188. Parsons. Folklore of the Sea Islands, South Carolina
  189. Parsons. Folktales of Andros Island, Bahamas
  190. Prahlad. African American Folklore
  191. Prahlad. African-American Proverbs in Context
  192. Prahlad. Encyclopedia of African American Folklore A-F
  193. Prahlad. Encyclopedia of African American Folklore G-P
  194. Price. First-Time: Historical Vision of an African American People
  195. Price. Travels With Tooy
  196. Price. Two Evenings in Saramaka
  197. Rees. Brer Rabbit and His Tricks
  198. Rees. More of Brer Rabbit's tricks
  199. Reneaux. Cajun Folktales
  200. Reneaux. How Animals Saved the People
  201. Roberts. From Trickster to Badman
  202. San Souci. Callie Ann and Mistah Bear
  203. San Souci. Cendrillon: A Caribbean Cinderella
  204. San Souci. Hired Hand
  205. San Souci. House in the Sky
  206. San Souci. The Twins and the Bird of Darkness
  207. Sanders. Howard W. Odum's Folklore Odyssey
  208. Sanfield. A Natural Man: The True Story of John Henry
  209. Sanfield. The Adventures of High John the Conqueror
  210. Schomp. Brer Rabbit and the Goober Patch
  211. Sherlock. Anansi the Spider Man
  212. Sherlock. Ears and Tails and Common Sense
  213. Sherlock. Tales from the West Indies
  214. Sherlock. The Iguana's Tail
  215. Sherlock. The Illustrated Anansi
  216. Siegelson. In the Time of the Drums
  217. Smiley. Folklore from the Southern United States
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